Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Scottee says the darndest things...

Scottee makes me laugh she says the most hilarious things and yesterday I realized I have not been writing them down. When I was a kid my mom wroite down almost everything we said that was hilarious and we often get them out and laugh hysterically at them. You think you will remember them but unfortunately we don't. So here are a few Scottee did yesterday:
She was sitting in her carseat having her own personal party wiith her water cup. She pulled her straw out of the cup and it squirted water everywhere and she said, "Oh sorry wawa"! It was hilarious!!!
Also yesterday I was doing her hair and it was of course hurting her (beauty is painful) and she kept saying hurt mama, hurt, but I just kept doing it like a mean mom and then after a few seconds she said, "Mom I just go nigh night." It was so funny!
Hope you enjoyed them as much as I did!!!

Danny Gans

On Saturday night Scott and I got tickets to Danny Gans. It was so fun and more than the show and dinner was the time we spent together. I love every minute we spend together. We are truly BEST FRIENDS. We can go from laughing hysterically to talking so serious just like good friends. He is my love, my confidant, my best friend, my eternal mate, and many more things. Scott if you ever read this, I love you!!!!