Sunday, June 8, 2008

June 4, 2008

June 4 was our FOUR year anniversary! Scott had planned without me knowing the best anniversary we have had yet, and even the babysitters!!!!! On Tuesday night we dropped off Scottee at his sisters house. When we were leaving her house he asked what I wanted to do, I said I thought you were planning this whole thing...and he said well I didn't know what to do but you do have something black on your face. I was a little disturbed and pulled the car mirror down to see my face and out dropped a piece of paper. I read it and it had reservations for the night at Bellagio. I was so excited. So we spent the night their and had dinner and Bellagio. The next day we picked Scottee up and went swimming all day at the pool their. That night he said we were dropping Scottee off at his other sisters house and had another surprise for me...he asked me to grab something out of the glove box and their was another piece of paper with reservations to "O" for that night. It was amazing we have both wanted to see that show forever!! They are so unbelievable almost like a different species!!! Well thank you hunnie for the best four years of my life! YOu are the world's best husband and father. You will forever be my best friend, confidant, hero, and eternal mate. Thank You for everything!!!


Together we "walked" across the stage to receive our diplomas. It was so much fun I would tell everyone to walk if they can. Neither one of us wanted to walk until we found out we were graduating the same semester and then we both decided it would be way fun and we deserved for all of our hard work. The night before graduation Scott decided he didn't want to walk anymore after quite a few family members came form out of state to see us. I put my foot down on that one. After the ceremony he leaned over to me and said I am sooo happy we walked together and we are here together. After the ceremony all of our family members went to lunch after to celebrate. It was such a funa dn rewarding day. I am so happy I stuck to it even with a daughter and being pregnant. I will never regret it!!! And I am so proud of Scott for going to school, holding a full time job, and still being the best Father and Husband anyone could ask for!!! I love you, Babe!!