Sunday, May 20, 2012

Introducing Shelbee Pence Villamor

On January 11, 2012 I had started to feel some pretty hard contractions when getting into bed. They lasted about 2 hours and were pretty close together. I had a Dr. appointment the next day at 2:00 and so didn't want to go to the hospital until I had met with Dr. Bohman. I said a little prayer for them to go away and shortly after they did and I was fast asleep. I wanted to change my appointment to earlier so Dr. Bohman would give me a C-section that day. I knew if he didn't see me until 2:30 or so he would push off the C-section for another day. So we changed the appointment to 10:30. They monitored me for quite awhile; could tell I was having some contractions. Finally the Dr. came in and said I can see you are having some contractions and I said yes and really hard ones last night. He said would you like me to check you. (He had said the 2 weeks before that if I got to a 2 he would take me. So he checked and I was a 31/2. He said OKAY! and got on the phone with Spring Valley right in my room and made the "cut time" for 2:00. Mind you this was already 11:30am. He said to me I want you to leave from here and go directly to the hospital, do not even go home to get one thing! I was stoked and nervous all at the same time. I called Scott and my mom and said head to the hospital; and the called my dad to meet us there to watch Hadlee while I was in the operating room. It was all so fast and exciting!! We checked in and I had the IV in and ready by 1:00. I had really really wanted my mom in the operating room this time as well and so Dr. Bohman asked the anesthesiologist and he said he didn't mind! I couldn't have been more happy!! So the both of them got on their get ups and we headed into the OR at exactly 2:00. Shelbee Pence Villamor graced us with her beautiful self at 14:14 (2:14 pm)! My mom screamed it is a GIRL as soon as they pulled her out!! Scott and I both started crying! We couldn't have been more thrilled to have another little princess to bring home. She weighed in at 7.1 lbs and 20 inches long.
All hooked up and ready to find out what my baby is!!
Scott SUPER ready!!
Explaining the process...
Ready to head in..
It's A GIRL!!!
She was a screamer for a few minutes and hasn't been since!! Perfect in every way!!
Mama's first loves
Hadlee seeing her sister for the first time with Grandpa. They waited in the waiting room.
We did not tell anyone the sex of the baby until they came to the hospital! So this is Scottee finding out she is a girl after Sloan brought her from school. She was so excited! We were all laughing she was so funny. It was so fun to keep it a secret not so fun for the family members who wanted to know so badly!! We have the best family and such a great support system. They all came to visit and brought gifts.
Our family is COMPLETE!! I love these three little Angels more than I could even imagine!!
Kim and Deb (Shea Insurance employees) came right over to visit Shelbee. They brought so many fun outifts and goodies. We have some awesome employees!
Dr. Bohman, what a wonderful Dr.!
Scott and I love being at the hospital together. Well at least I did this time! One night we decided to have a date night and decide on the baby's name. Scott went and got us sushi. It couldn't have tasted better! We decided on three names: Bentlee, Shelbee, and Baylen and then the next morning when Scottee came to hang out all day we let her decide. She decided on Shelbee and we had decided the night before to use Nanny's maiden name. Nanny is so kind, sweet, and has been such a strong person! My dad has always wanted a son or grandson named Shelby no one cared much for a boy named Shelby. The night before when we were trying to decide on names Scott randomly said what about Shelbee? I loved it! I couldn't be more happier with the name we all decided on Shelbee Pence Villamor!!
Scottee wanted to be there as much as she possibly could. She would have my parents drop her off in the morning and then come get her as late as they possibly would. Can we say slightly obsessed?
Heading home...

Saturday, May 5, 2012


January is usually quite a boring month but not this year!! We couldn't have been more excited and thrilled for January to come. On New Year's Day we had all of the girl cousins over for a big sleepover. Scottee and Hadlee always love having them over! They are some of the best little girls.
One Sunday morning as Scott and I were laying in bed relaxing the girls walked in and yelled "We have monster hands!" We were dying laughing. What good parents we are we had no idea they were even playing with paint.
I love when my girls wear sponge rollers; I think they look adorable and remind me so much of Saturday nights when I was young.
On January 12, 2012 was another one of my favorite days of my life. This day will get its own post. Scottee also had quite a month! On January 14 she lost her first tooth! She was out with Dad shopping for some new cute headbands for Shelbee and in the middle of the store she stops and yells "Dad my tooth just fell out!" It was so crazy because I remember all of mine like hanging from a thread and screaming if my parents wanted to pull it out. Her situation was nothing like that. She had told us it was loose but nothing dramatic. She was staying with my Mom still since Scott and I were still staying at the hospital. The Tooth Fairy brought her $5 and Hadlee $1. She is a pretty awesome Tooth Fairy.
Just some fun random fun shots in January...If you can't tell I am quite obsessed with my little angel!
Another GREAT Day for Scottee in January was the day the school celebrated her being Student of the Month. She has been wanting this since day 1. The teachers had told Scott and I at parent teacher conference that every month they want to make Scottee student of the month but they wee going to wait until she stopped crying at school. That broke my heart because I had no idea she was still crying at school up until December. I was quite mad that the teachers did not call me and tell me about this but thinking about it it was probably a good idea because I might have taken her out of full day kindergarten. She was chosen for the month of RESPECT!! Personally Scottee could have been picked for any month. I am tying this post in May and she and one other girl in her class (Charlee R) have never gotten a yellow card. The other day actually Scottee said to me I don't know how to even get a yellow card. It is so easy to be good in class; you just sit criss cross applesauce, raise your hand, and zip your lips. She is so good. She truly is an angel. This girl is respectful to everyone! She is kind to everyone! She is my best friend. And she is soooo stinking smart. She was tested in school into 3rd grade reading. I was so proud of her and happy she had such an amazing month, she deserved it!
After her assembly we took her to Toys R Us and she picked out a karaoke machine. We were so happy for her and allowed her to get whatever she wanted! A couple weeks after Shelbee was born all of Scott's family came to eat Sunday dinner at our house. It was so relaxing I did NOTHING! They made all the food and cleaned it all up. It was so fun to have them here and to have Abuela meet little Shelbee!