Tuesday, July 24, 2012


How stinkin' cute is she?  And because she is this cute is the reason she is allowed to continue living in my home.  She is naughty to the core.  3 has been hard!  But...when she is good and cute she is so good and cute so we love to capture those moments!

I have an incredibly talented sister in law who took these fabulous photos of Shelbs and then made this invitation.  I was in love!  Shelbee's blessing ended up being at our house after sacrament.  It was ward conference and we did not know this so all of the family went to our sacrament and then came back to our home.  We blessed Shelbee and then had a wonderful luncheon.  
The men who stood in the circle: Dad, Grandpa Bart, Papa, Grandpa White, Uncles: Zane, Jon, Darren, Bruce, and Bishop Killian.

I can't believe my little Angel turned 6 on March 2.  Where has the time gone?  We celebrated  A LOT!  Dad took the day off and worked at her school as a WatchDOG all day.  She loves when he does this.  It was his second time and she feels so special!  What an amazing dad my girls have.  He left for a few minutes and brought her back a Happy Meal.  He ate with all of her friends.
She decided she wanted a bowling party.  Right after school we went to the bowling alley and all of her friends came at 4.  She invited 10 friends.  It was wild, crazy, and a BLAST!  

Her friends spoiled her so much!  She got too many great presents!  She felt so special all day and that is all I wanted for her.  She deserves the world!!
One Saturday afternoon Daddy decided to go shooting with Christian and Justin and guess who was lucky enough to have a daddy/daughter date???  Hadlee!!  How cute and scary does my little baby look  shooting this gun??  Yes she had a ball!!  

 I can't handle this face!!
After the long weekend this was our Sunday afternoon....these are the moments I treasure!!
This was the mask she got for her birthday from Nana. How cute is she?

Hadlee's preschool class took a field trip to the Shark Reef.  It was super fun.  I love to be a driver and to see me girls interact with their kids in class and to hear the conversations.  What a joy these times in life are.  

I absolutely LOVE her face!!

This cute boy Logan rode with us in the car and was a hoot!  I think Hadlee had a little crush on him!

For St. Patrick's Day the rec. center was having a dive for gold night.  It was a lot of fun.  The girls got to make leprechaun houses, color pics, and then dive for their gold.   

I love these three Beauties!! 
Sundays can be long days.  But when the girls get a long great and make believe play they are great!!  They came downstairs with Hadlee all dressed up in her "birthday" crown and dress on.  
Scott came home from work one evening and decided we were going somewhere fun for FHE.  We all jumped in the car and he surprised us with Fukuda, a hibachi grill restaurant.  The girls had never been and loved the food and the show.  They beg to go back every time we ask what they want for dinner.

Love this baby always have to get random shots of her.  
When people would tell me their babies loved TV I kind of sort of didn't believe it.  Well now I have to eat my thoughts because this baby LOVES TV.  No matter where she is in the room if there is a TV on her eyes are glued.  She is my first child to like TV before the age of almost 4.  

The girls and I went to Caden's lacrosse carnival.  It was a lot of fun.  They had a few little carnival type rides, cotton candy, snowcones, and the whole nine yards.  Hadlee wanted to go in the joust house thing so bad.  I would not go with her but her fun cousin Caden would.  She loved it.  

Just some more random shots a few weeks later of my baby girl.  
Love swinging on our porch swing with my girlies.

Scottee gave a talk on Prophets one Sunday.  This is like her 10th talk.  She ALWAYS volunteers.  The girl has no stage fright!!  
My birthday was perfect.  It started with snuggles, homemade cards, donuts and a Big Gulp in bed.  Who wouldn't want this?
After Scott left for work. I got the girls ready.  Hadlee had a field trip to Build a Bear at 11.  The girls were playing so well together that I just didn't take Scottee to school.  She didn't even realized it so when it was time to go to Build a Bear I pretended like I was taking her to school and we ended up at the mall.  She was ecstatic.  I video taped her realizing and it was priceless.  We had a so much fun making our bears.  After we left my Dad had called and asked us to meet him at Carl's Jr. for birthday lunch.  I love spending quality time with him; it doesn't happen enough.  

That night I came home to this....Scott had made me a rose out of money and a bucket full of fun Targets things. 
During my birthday week the most wonderful women in all the world took my to Elephant Bar.  I love, love hanging out with these ladies.  They are truly my best friends!

Also for my birthday weekend Scott, Kenzi, Christian and I spent the weekend at Red Rock.  Scott and I started our staycation a day early and slept at M.  We ate a Hash Hash a Go Go.  It was very different.  Cool to go once haha!  The entrees were huge and very unique.  
Then we met the Ottesons at Red Rock.  We had such a fantastic time.  We spent A LOT of time in the spa, went bowling, ate a lot of good food, and just thoroughly enjoyed each other.  I could not have asked for a better birthday!!