Saturday, June 18, 2011

My Feet are CLEAN!!

The other day I was doing some stuff around the downstairs, helping Kenzi find some houses online, and many other things. I usually never have to worry about where my girls are. They don't ever make huge messes or get into stuff. After quite a while of doing stuff I take my phone out to the car to charge come back in and Scottee and I see water dripping from the ceiling in the kitchen. We both FREAK!! We run upstairs and I scream HADLEE! She yells back I'm in the bathroom. I run into my bathroom thinking she has clogged the toilet like Scottee had at her age. But NO I see her standing in my sink. I said WHAT ARE YOU DOING???? She said, "Well at least my feet are all clean!" She had gotten up on my sink plugged up the sink left the water running and didn't know how to unplug the drain. There was about a 1/4 of an inch of water on my bathroom floor and then tons on my kitchen floor. She can drive me crazy but, gotta love how proud she was of her clean feet though!!
I didn't get a picture I was freaking out a little too much!! DANG!!