Friday, March 28, 2008

Our vacation!

The pictures prior to this post were actually the first two days we were there. The first day we went to San Diego Zio and the second day we went to Sea World. It was so much fun!
These pictures were taken on Easter after church. We are at Harbor Island and our hotel is on the other side of the street then we are standing. It was gorgeous! I have the most beautiful family in the world, don't you agree? Thank you Mom and Dad for such a wonderful trip with so many memories as always! We love you!

My Gorgeous Little Family!

The two BEST sisters in the World!

In La Jolla, it was beautiful! My adorable and cute loves of my life!!

San Diego....

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

San Diego here comes the Villas!!!

We leave tomorrow for San Diego and can not wait to get the heck out of here! It will be such a nice break for Scott and I. It is spring break and he needed this break as well as I. We are going to SeaWorld, San Diego Zoo, the beach, and Tijuana! We will have a blast! Show you pics when we return!

It's a GIRL!!!

Well, we have now had two ultrasounds that say IT IS A GIRL! We are so thrilled even though I know deep down Scott is thinking that means we are half way done having kids and no boy yet....? But he is truly the best daddy to girls! And they LOVE him. Scottee is honestly a Daddy's Girl (she will choose him over me ANYDAY!)

Scottee's 2nd Birthday

We celebrated the first night with Scott's side of the family and she was spoiled to death with TOYS. The next night we celebrated with my side of the family. This night she was spoiled with the "green stuff"! Or should we say her parents were. We love all of our family and feel so blessed to have them in our lives.
Scottee, I can not believe she is already two! I have absolutely loved being her mom! She is my greatest joy! I love you Scottee more than you will ever know!!!

Monday, March 3, 2008

Tag, I'm It

A. Post The Rules
B. Answer the Questions about yourself
C. After posting, tag 5 people by going to their blog and leaving a comment.
1. What were you doing 10 years ago??
*Ten years ago I was in 8th grade. I was living the no worry life! But at the time thought I had tons of worries!
2. 5 Things on my To-Do List Today...
*Need to clean my house for Scottee's little family party.
*Have Scottee's party!
*Do Homework!
*Clean up after the party!
*Go to BED with my wonderful husband, my favorite part of the day (getting into bed)
3. What snacks I enjoy...
*It changes all the time...when I am in the mood for sugar than candy, chocolate, and then when I am in the mood for salt...chips, chips and salsa, cheese and crackers and many more!
4. What would I do if I were to suddenly be a Billionaire?
*Pay off all bills including home and then buy another one!!! Go on a HUGE vaca from life!! Shopping Spree! New cars! And of course give and give and give some more!!
5. 3 Bad Habits..
*Biting my nails
*Worrying way too much
*Being forgettful!
6. 5 Places I've lived..
* Las Vegas, NV
* Provo, UT
* Rexburg, ID
* Henderson, NV
* Sorry that is it!!!
7. 5 Jobs I've had..
* City of Henderson
* Telemarketer
* jewelry sales
* model
* MOMMY!!!! (bar none the BEST)
8. 5 Things People don't Know About Me..
*I could spend everyday and minute with my husband! We never get sick of eachother!
*I am a shy person especially in groups!
*I love the lake!!!
*I love vacations and wish I could take them more often!
*I really don't likfe shopping much (I wish I had a personal shopper)
Now I pick 5 people to TAG and I TAG...
Kara, Amanda, Rachel, Sarah, and Sarah