Thursday, April 21, 2011

Grandmas are Funner

Scottee: I'm getting so big Mom.
Me: I know I don't want you to, I want you to stay small.
Scottee: I'm so excited to get big and have baby, and then you can be a Grandma!
Me: I know and I don't want to be a Grandma.
Scottee: Why? Grandmas are fun. Grandma sleeps with me when I sleep at her house....See Grandmas are FUNNER!

I love her! She is so funny and great! She is my best friend we have so many amazing conversations.

I love the special bond that my Mom and her have as well! Grandmas really are more fun!

Monday, April 18, 2011

27th Birthday!

I cant believe I am already 27 years old. I know I am young but I feel so much younger. I feel like I just graduated from high school. But how much I have loved the past 7 years of my life. I have been so blessed with a wonderful loving husband, and two of the cutest most precious little girls in the world. Scott and I have been trying to take a vacation now for about 2 years so when our good friends decided to take their vacation to Vegas we decided to jump on the band wagon and have a staycation. We had a blast! The only downfall was that it was way too short!
We ate, went to see Adjustment Bureau, laid out by the pool, ate, played Bananas, saw Ka, ate and hung out at the Foundation Room, shopped, got pedicures, the boys golfed, and laughed the nights away. I love Sarah and Ry and we always get along so well! Thanks for a great vaca and birthday!

Happy 5th Birthday my Angel!

I can not believe my perfect little Angel is 5 years old. Where has the time gone? Scottee is seriously the kindest, easiest, smartest, most even kill child. She is my best friend. I can't believe she is going to Kindergarten I do not know what I will do without her.
She decided she wanted to have a Princess Party. I had such a blast planning her party. I made all of the decor and food except the cookies they decorate that was the famous cookie decorator Aunt Rara. We are so lucky to have an aunt who makes cookies for a living and another one who does Princesses parties. Sloan aka Aurora came to the party. The girls all dressed up as Princesses and the boys as Princes, Dragons, Knights, or anything they wanted. We decorated cookies, played pin the crown on Cinderella, danced, drank Princess punch, and then was visited by Aurora. The kids had such a great time. And I couldn't have done it all without the help of Scott and my Mom.

front row: Preston, Reese, Hadlee, Kailer, Sandler, Gavin
back row: Ariana, Abbie, Scottee, Cohen, Annie, Laila, Aria, and Isabella

Scottee was so lucky, her Dad took the day off of work and so we could all spend the day together. After her party we took the girls and Gav to Chuck E. Cheese. They ran around and had such a blast. I love love love spending the day with my family.

After a long day of playing and running a couple of errands we went home and played with all of her great presents. Thank you to all of her great friends. She got Polly Pockets, games, Littlest Pet Shops, Princesses, a Beauty Salon (from Grandma and Grandpa) and much more. She had the most wonderful birthday and she deserves the world!

Aleeya and Scottee Happy Birthday!

Every Monday and Wednesday night Aleeya and Kenna get to come play. We love it and get so excited for the nights their mom has school. They are truly the best little girls in the world. Scott and I love them as if they were our own and the girls think of them as their big sisters! Aleeya and Scottee's birthdays are really close so one of the nights they came we celebrated! We had ice cream and cake and gave presents. The girls got cute little Hello Kitty umbrellas from the girls and Aleeya got some money from us. We love you girls and hope you always come to our house!!!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Best Day of the Year....Merry Christmas

This year was so exciting! The girls were so thrilled with their Santa presents and so were Scott and I. I felt like a kid! I couldn't sleep the night before and wanted to wake them up so bad to go open presents. I thoroughly loved seeing their faces Christmas morning. It made me the happiest mom in the world.
We had such a fun relaxing day hanging out at the hotel, playing with all the new toys, and eating! I couldn't have asked for a better day!

Merry Christmas San Diego

All of the Bunker side got together and had Christmas in San Diego. It was so much fun! We all stayed at the most gorgeous hotel right on the pier, The Dana hotel. We went to Sea World the first day we were there. The kids had so much fun running around wild there with their favorite cousins Gav and Reese. It was so relaxing and enjoyable being with everyone. On Friday, Christmas Eve, all of the guys left and played some golf. Taush and I didn't think it would be all that fun staying at the hotel all day with children so we headed out to Legoland. It was lots of fun but the day we went was the only day they have ever maxed out the capacity of the park...lovely!
Christmas Eve night we ordered Panda Express and ate it all in the ballroom. It was so pretty and comfortable. We rented the place for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. We did the usual Nativity play while reading the story out of the scriptures. After all of the wonderful spiritual side was finished we did our annual gift exchange. Everyone got such fun and perfect gifts. We all love and adore each other so much. It is so fun to be so close to your family.


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