Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A day in Kingman, AZ

Scott had to drive out to Kingman, AZ one afternoon and because we love to spend as much time together as we can I decided to jump in the car with him; and the girls and I joined him. It was so nice to spend the day chatting and eating some snacks for the drive. The girls watched movies and also enjoyed some serious candy. While he was in his meeting I didn't know what I was going to do to entertain the girls so I drove around and spotted a Petco. It was the best place I could have ever chosen. The girls had so much fun as well as this is where we inherited a new member of our family...Lilly, Hailey, Cordelia, etc. it changes on any given day. She is our "girl" beta fish. Scottee adores her and she is a strong, strong fish. She has endured sleeping outside in very little water as Scottee and her friend were playing with her and left her outside over night tipped up on her side so almost all the water came out. She is a survivor!

Slumber Party!!

One Friday night I thought it sounded like a wonderful idea to have all the girl cousins over for a slumber party! It was fun a little hectic but fun! They had a fashion show and Scottee was the lucky girl. Jordyn did her make-up and Makenna was the clothes designer. It was hilarious and so fun! I love these girls so much!

Happiest Place on Earth...

In December we went and were lucky enough to stay at Scott's wonderful aunts' beach house in Newport. It was amazing; and that is an understatement! We had the place to ourselves for 5 days. We spent a day at Disneyland and the rest doing some serious R&R on the beach.