Wednesday, July 13, 2011

# 3

#3 baby will be making its grand arrival the end of January!! We couldn't be more excited to meet this precious child of God. It has been a hard few weeks with being sick and all but overall each one of us is so thrilled.

The hilarious (naughty) sayings of Hadlee

Hadlee is my challenge child. She is stinkin cute yet incredibly naughty. SOME of the things she says are pretty funny and others just rude, disgusting, and onery. Here are a few as of lately...
Scottee is just minding her own business in her seat in the car and all of a sudden Hadlee rolls her piece of paper like a megaphone and yells like an announcer "Here is poopy Scottee come on up poopy Scottee and get your prize!"
I so badly wanted to tell her that was rude but just hid my face and laughed hysterically.
Hadlee was sitting in her seat eating a chocolate frosty. She took off the lid and lifted the straw out of the cup and as the chocolate ice cream was dripping back into her cup she says nonchalantly "Look my straw is poopin" and continues to do this over and over.
One morning Hadlee and I were laying together in bed just waking up relaxing and Hadlee says sternly "something STINKS!" she looks right at me very seriously and says..."maybe its your mouth!"
Another morning the girls were sitting at the table eating breakfast and I was furious that there was a smell in my house and I said Something STINKS! and Hadlee responds "Mom it is prolly my mouth I havent brushed my teeth yet!"
One weekend we were watching my nieces and nephews. My niece and Hadlee were upstairs and I was trying to get dinner ready and I heard my niece crying. But again I was trying to get dinner ready and so I ignored the crying (Mother of the year award right here) and the crying continued and became more of a hysteria scream. I decided I would go make sure Hadlee was not killing her so I run upstairs. I look into my room where they are at and see Hadlee on my bed leaning over the sleigh bed edge and my niece on the ground. So I decided to sit just peak and see what was going on since Hadlee wasn't touching her. Hadlee is leaning over saying in quite the devilish voice, "There is a doggy downstairs and he is going to get cha" repeated over and over; mind you Hadlee learned the nihgt before that my niece is TERRIFIED of dogs. My niece was screaming out of fear so much she had gotten a bloody nose. I run into the rescue; clean up my niece and get mad at Hadlee. I had to calm my niece down and convince her there was no dog. I scolded Hadlee and told her never again and to get downstairs and sit on the couch in timeout. Well a few minutes later passed and I continue cooking and Scott goes outside to bbq and Hadlee though I went outisde with him. She gets off the couch leans up against the wall with one leg crossed over the other and leans in toward my niece on the floor and says "I'm going to buy a little doggy and I'm going to have him BITE YOU!" I immediatley step in trying to laugh and say Hadlee STOP and she yells and points at me "YOU GET OUT!!!"
Like I said good thing she is cute because she can be quite the lil devil!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

My Feet are CLEAN!!

The other day I was doing some stuff around the downstairs, helping Kenzi find some houses online, and many other things. I usually never have to worry about where my girls are. They don't ever make huge messes or get into stuff. After quite a while of doing stuff I take my phone out to the car to charge come back in and Scottee and I see water dripping from the ceiling in the kitchen. We both FREAK!! We run upstairs and I scream HADLEE! She yells back I'm in the bathroom. I run into my bathroom thinking she has clogged the toilet like Scottee had at her age. But NO I see her standing in my sink. I said WHAT ARE YOU DOING???? She said, "Well at least my feet are all clean!" She had gotten up on my sink plugged up the sink left the water running and didn't know how to unplug the drain. There was about a 1/4 of an inch of water on my bathroom floor and then tons on my kitchen floor. She can drive me crazy but, gotta love how proud she was of her clean feet though!!
I didn't get a picture I was freaking out a little too much!! DANG!!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Los Angeles Angels and Nanny

Saturday night we hit up the baseball game and batting practice. During the batting practice Scott almost caught a ball and then it fell back into the field. Hudson from the Atlanta Braves picked up the ball and threw it right to Scottee. It was because of her darling face that we got a ball. That night was fun hanging at the baseball field, eating hotdogs, and singing us some "Take me out to the Ballgame"!

On Sunday on our drive home we stopped at Aunt Janetta's house to visit with her and Nanny. Nanny is doing so fabulous for 95. She still walks pretty good and can talk your ear right off. We love spending time with her. Scottee is obsessed with her and loves taking care of her. Nanny is such an angel and I enjoy visiting with her and getting to know her more. She told us that Les said she would live until 100 s that's what she is planning on. We hope so if she is healthy!
After visiting at Janetta's she took us to Warehouse Pizza and bought us lunch. Ginger and the kids met up with us there. It was so good to visit with them all. We love you Janetta and Nanny!!

Second day

On Saturday we went to the Orange County Swap Meet. We love that place. It is so relaxing fun to walk around and do a little shopping. The tasters that they hand out aren't too bad as well! After walking around for a day and half straight all of us were in dire need of a little pedicure. It was so fun to all relax and get pampered. This was the girls and Scott's first pedicures. Scott now understands why we love doing this haha.

Everyone with the special treasures that they bought at the swap meet.


How stinkin cute is this little Priss!

Love these three bathing beauties!

Family Vacation 2011

We decided very last minute to take a family vacation to California. It was a blast! Scott has been working 60-65 hour weeks and we were all due for some relaxing family time. We left on Thursday night after Scott got home; which was supposed to be 5:30 but as usual he was very late and it was 7:00. We were all packed up and got in the car got some dinner and headed off. The drive was so relaxing the girls fell asleep shortly after we got in and Scott and I were able to talk and talk. We even talked so much we total missed the exit and didn't get to our hotel until 12:30. But it didn't even bother either of us!
Friday morning we woke up got ready and headed off to Disneyland. We got there at 10 and didnt get home until 10 and the girls were AWESOME! They loved every minute. The longest line was the Princess line and that was an hour; other than that the lines were no longer than 1/2 hour or less. It was such a great day, but we were EXHAUSTED!

Here the girls are waiting for the shuttle to pick us up from the hotel.

Waiting in line for one of my favorites "It's a Small World"

All of us on the first ride of the day! The girls had never been on "It's a Small World"; Scottee loved it Hadlee wasn't always so sure. She got more brave the more rides we rode!

Girls eating their lunchables waiting in line for the Princesses!

YAY!! Ariel we had never seen her so Scottee was very excited!

Taking some fun pictures while in lines.

Watching the "World of Color" show. AWESOME!! Hadlee fell asleep as soon as it started and Scottee fell asleep as it was ending. Perfect day and night. Couldn't have asked for a better day!!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Green Valley Ranch

Scott text me on Thursday during piano lessons and said get your bags packed we have a room at GVR and Anthem BCBS is having a Casino Night so get ready, and I got a sitter. I was stoked! I got home got ready very quickly packed everyone up and dropped the girls off at Robins. Scott and I went to the casino night. It was so fun! In the ballrooms at the hotel they have tables and dealers and you play but with fake chips. We had such a great time. After we went and got the girls and brought them back to the hotel. They were so excited to be staying at the hotel.
On Friday Scott left for work at 4:15am and the girls and I hung out at the pool from 9-4. It was so fun and relaxing. We also had some great friends come help entertain us.

I will miss you Rach!!

These are some of my very best friends!! They had a little going away party for Rachel. Rachel, you are one of my very best friends. You are kind, generous, loving, BEAUTIFUL, and so much more! You have no idea how much I am going to miss you and your children! I can count on you for anything and can tell you anything! You have loved my children as your own and I love that about you. My children love you and think you are a way more fun mom than me. I love you and will miss you! Please stay in touch.

Jordon, Tabby, Aleena, Rachel, Brea, Me, Heather, Sarah
Beautiful girls!!