Sunday, May 30, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend

I love long weekends! It means my husband is home longer and Sunday night isn't the worst night ever...meaning the next day means back to work. This weekend has been lots of fun and busy. On Saturday morning I had my first piano recital. It was lots of fun and rewarding; my students did amazing and none of them messed up. They each played 2 memorized pieces. I have 7 students right now and am always looking for more. I love my students and I love watching them grow and learn to love music. They were so cute the day of the recital they were all so proud of themselves they were all grinning from ear to ear; and so was I. After the recital I had bought Krispy Kremes for a little dessert. Also Scottee and Scott were a HUGE help in getting the church ready as well as Scott made my AWESOME programs. I love how he gets so excited to help me with things like this. I love you!

Scottee was the designated program handout gal!!

After the recital, which I forgot to mention my beautiful sisters came to support me, we all went to Port of Subs and then headed over to my parents for a wonderful relaxing rest of the day by the pool. My kids loved spending all day outside and swimming. My sisters and I had a great time laying out and talking. I love being with them we laugh and laugh and laugh. They are two of the funniest people I know. That night we dropped the children off to a babysitter and headed to dinner at Rubios and then to see Iron Man 2. It was really entertaining until about 30 minutes before it ended I got a call from the sitter that had Hadlee had thrown up everywhere. So Scott and I missed the ending headed to the rescue of our sweet daughter.
Sunday we just relaxed all morning since all of us had a little flu bug and colds. And then went to church...I had to speak. I love speaking in church because it demands that you study lots and lots on one subject. I spoke on the ninth Article of Faith, Revelation.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Swimming...water parks...and swimming lessons!

We have been doing lots of swimming and water parking it lately! I love the weather right now it is not scalding hot. Las Vegas can be hot 3 months out of the year but the rest of the 9 months of the year are BEAUTIFUL here. I have to admit it is home and I LOVE it!
The girls have no fear of water and are doing amazing in swimming lessons. Scottee can swim all by herself and Hadlee believes she can. She seriously jumps in with no one there to catch her we grab her as she is below the water...drowning and she gets back up and thinks she did it all by herself. Her teacher Tara says she has never had a kid like her. NO FEAR!!! This can be wonderful for a parent and at the same time terrifying.
We swim almost every night in our pool behind our house. The girls love it and Scott and I love that it wears them out right before bed.
My life couldn't get better right!

Whitnee made me this collage and I seriously LOVE it!! Thanks Whit I love you soo much and you are my BESTIE!!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Baby Macy

Scott's wonderful sister Robin had her first little Princess on April 19. The girls have seriously been obsessed since. She is beautiful and so precious. The girls fight over who gets to hold her. I love how excited they are about her. I know whenever I do have another child both my girls will be such big helpers. Babies bring a different and sacred spirit around, I love it. I love delivery day and the first couple of months of a babies life, they bring so much happiness.
Here are a few pictures of us getting to enjoy her.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Scottee is 4

I am a little late on the posting but getting there. I can not believe Scottee turned 4. She is getting so big so fast! I have thoroughly enjoyed watching her grow up. She is my little best friend and I know that I ALWAYS have someone to talk to when she is around. I love her so much and am loving seeing the person she is becoming. She has been such a breeze to raise. She is kind to her sister and is always worrying about her.
Favorite nickname: Boo Boo, Scoshee
Favorite color: Pink
Favorite place to go: the pool
Favorite place to eat: McDonalds
Favorite song: I am a Child of God
Favorite animal: kitty
Favorite movie: Calliou
Favorite toy: pee pee and poo doll
Favorite food: cockeritos (taquitos)
Favorite book: all of em
Favorite thing to do with Dad: sit
Favorite thing to do with Mom: sit on the bed
Favorite thing about having a sister: going to play in the playhouse with her
Least favorite food: well i like pickles. (this kid is seriously the easiest eater ever. She doesnt have any food I have ever given her that she didn't like.)
Least favorite thing to do: getting hair done cuz that hurts me
What makes me happy: watching Calliou
What makes me sad: when my hair done is going to be for a long time
What makes me laugh: when you do funny faces

Here are a few things about her:
4 things I LOVE about Scottee

1. I love that she is so outgoing and confident in herself. She can have an adult conversation with any adult.
2. I love that she LOVES to be with me. She is my little companion and I love it!
3. I love that she has lots of friends and a little social butterfly. She always wants to know who can come over and play. And even includes Hadlee when she is playing with her friends.
4. I love her amount of personality and drama. She keeps me laughing. She is extremely dramatic.

4 things I want Scottee to learn this year

1. I want her to learn to read.
2. I want her to learn to snow ski.
3. I want her to learn ride her bike without training wheels.
4. I want her to learn to swim to the bottom of the pool and back up.

4 things Scottee has taught me

1. She taught me to be a member missionary. She has no fear to ask people to come along to church with her. She asked my neighbors why they don't go to church and that they should start coming with her to hers.
2. She taught me that there is no such thing as an eye for an eye. Every time her sister hits her she will never lash back. I even told her once to and she said NO!!
3. She taught me unconditional love. I can get mad at her and the next second she is loving up on me and making me feel so special.
4. She taught me all children have stages, never get use to any one special way. They could revert back to anything anytime.

I love her and she is my little woman. Scottee you are my angel baby!!!
We had such a fun little birthday party for Scottee with 8 of her friends at the park. We played games, had pizza and cupcakes, and opened presents. She LOVED it. They were too cute to watch!
We also had family parties at Chilis as well as at Grandmas house. She was spoiled as usual but well deserved.

My Mother's Day

I am filled with a lot of emotion right now and knew I needed to write my thoughts into words. I am so blessed to have the calling of Motherhood. I love being a mom. I know it is of the highest calling in life and hope I am able to succeed. Every moment I will cherish. I have two of the most angelic, priceless daughters of God in the whole world. They are truly my everything. Mothers hold their children's hands for a little while but their hearts forever.

Scottee is the most caring, sensitive, Christ-like child I know. She truly loves her family. She treats me like a Queen and always wants to make sure I am ok. She is truly the best older sister Hadlee could ask for. She honestly wants the best for her and worries about her constantly and would NEVER hurt her (even when she deserves a little beating occasionally). I LOVE her, she makes me a better person.

Hadlee is the funnest, cuddly, precious, fiery little love ever. I can't get enough of her. She either is beating up on her sister or making sure she has everything she has and does not like to leave her out. She thinks Scottee is the "cats meow" and wants to be just like her. I love to watch her admire her sister.

As we age, we begin to realize the value of a mother's love and the enormous depth of her commitment to us. No other relationship we form can ever be as close or profound as that with our mothers.
I am also feeling so blessed to have the Mother I have. She is so Christ-like. I hope to be just like her one day. Everyone loves her and she has a heart of gold. She came over for dinner tonight and my girls could not get enough of her. She played pajama fashion show with them and danced around. She played airplane and constantly is teaching them songs and stories. I love to watch her with my kids. She loves unconditionally; I know I gave her a run for her money growing up. She is the most giving person I know. She would give me the shirt off her back is it was the last thing she owned. She is my confidant, my heroine, my best friend, and my MOTHER. I love her with all of my heart!

There are many more women I could talk on who have molded me to the woman I have become but they know how much I love them! Happy Mother's Day.