Wednesday, January 21, 2009


We had such a wonderful Christmas. We spent this year with my family. My moms entire family was here and so every night for a straight week we celebrated together. We had a party!! The Tuesday night before Christmas we had a special visit at my moms house from Santa. He came and brought Scottee a HUGE doggie book and shirts and brought Hadlee the most adorable diamond shoes. It was such a blast and Scottee was hysterical when he walked in the door. She coiuld not stop touching him and wanted to be the onyl one to sit on his lap. On Christmas Eve we went to my aunt Joni's house. We had crab legs and soup. It was so delicious. Then we had the Christmas program and Scottee sang a few solos. She was too much tonight. She did not want anyone else to take the stage. Then we slept over at my moms house so Santa could come there. Christmas morning was incredibly fun this year. She was so much fun to watch. Her eyes glowed all morning long. After we opened presents and had homemade cinnamon rolls we went over to KK's house to see what Scott's family got. That night all of my family drove out to Primm and stayed at Buffalo Bill's. It was so fun we relaxed, rode the rides, and Scottee rode her scooter up and down the halls all night long. It was such a wonderful Christmas holiday I couldn't have asked for anything better.

Snow and LOTS of it!

We had the time of our lives when it snowed 8 inches at our house. We made snowmans, had hot chocolate, and made snow angels. Scottee was thrilled with the snow and never wanted to come inside. We did not have any snow clothes for her so she was freezing and it did not even faze her. I seriously love this girl and love more than anything being her Mother.

Rebels, Rebels...

We are quite Rebel fans and now Scottee and Hadlee are as well. We have been to quite a few games this season and Scottee has the time of her life their. She loves Reb and sings Rebels Rebels all throughout the game. It is such a fun family activity that our family has started. We want to soon get our own season tickets.

Santa the first time...

Scottee had to sit on Santas lap only like 25 times this Christmas. She LOVES him, is quite an understatement. She even talked to him on the phone a few times when she was being naughty. He whipped her right back into shape.

Scottee singing her heart out!

Scottee sings all the time. She has about 40 songs or more memorized and sings them 24/7. Her two favorite songs are I am a Child of God and I Love to See the Temple. My Grandma asked her to sing a solo at her stake meeting, she was thrilled. She did marvelous and sang I love to See the Temple. She did not miss a word and sang so loud. This is her at the meeting in her "performing chair."