Monday, December 6, 2010

The many Halloween Festivites....

Aleeya and Kenna had the BEST Halloween party ever. Jamie had done an outstanding job and the girls were so lucky to be invited to a big kid party. They had so much fun thanks girls for always including my girls and loving them so much! We love you guys so much!

Every year Kristin throws a HUGE Harvest Fest at her kids school. And every year it is amazing. We had such a fun time. The girls played carnival games and each one their selves a goldfish. We loved this night!

Are these seriously not the cutest Tinks you have ever seen? I can't get enough of these two. I knew Scottee was going to want to pick her own costume this year so when she said Tink I thought perfect I will dress Hadlee as Peter Pan or something that went along but NOPE she was not having it she was going to be exactly what her Big Sis was! They are best friends. Love every minute being their mom.

These pics were from the City of Henderson Halloween party. All of our friends get together and go every year. It usually begins the Halloween festivities for the year.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Pumpkin Patch

This picture depicts perfectly they way they feel for each other. Scottee is super motherly to Hadlee; and Hadlee eats it up and loves every minute of it. Hadlee thoroughly loves being the baby and Scottee wouldn't want to be anything but the "mommy". I love their relationship and hope it always stays this way. It reminds me so much of the way I use to feel for my sisters.

Another one of Miss Nancy's fun field trips was to the pumpkin patch. It was such a great time. You get so much more when you get to go with a group then when we go with our family. The girls got to ride the rides unlimited times for one hour. Plus they each got a bag full of goodies that included a pumpkin. I's so grateful we found Miss Nancy's preschool and what wonderful teacher she is.

Thursday, December 2, 2010


Scott was so excited that his Birthday was going to be 10-10-10 he had planned on having a huge party until I blew that idea away with the news that 10-10-10 landed on a Sunday. He was so sad and disappointed. But we did have a nice relaxing weekend instead.
On Friday my family took him to In and Out for lunch it was very yummy and he always gets "the goods" from my family. They are so generous!!
On Saturday night Robin and Kristin and us all went to one of Scott's favorite restaurants, Chapalas. It is always a good time when we get all of us together and especially all the kids. They love to be together.
On Sunday we had a relaxing day by letting Scott sleep in until 9 and then waking him up with pancakes in bed; and had a little party with Scott's favorite cake from Baskin Robbins a cookies and cream ice cream cake. The sleeping picture is pretty much proof of what he ended up doing most of the weekend other than these few fun activities and it is exactly what he wanted to do!!
Happy Birthday Scott. You already know how much your three girls love and adore you! You are the kindest, most unselfish, loving person I know. You are always giving and never receiving. You work so hard for our family and we appreciate it all. Scott you are my best friend, my confidant, and my eternal companion. I love you!!

Last lake day of the year

I love that we can go to the lake in October in Vegas. We went after Scottee's soccer game and had such a relaxing time. My family is so much fun. I love that there is always something going on.


Scottee had been begging to try soccer since her cousins play so we enrolled her in the City of Henderson 4 year old league. In this league there is no practice just games on Saturday mornings at 8:30am. At 8:30 they have drills until 9 and then for the next half hour they play their games. Also Scott had to be on the field with her. We had such a great time watching her hanging out outside every Saturday morning. I am not sure she loved the whole soccer idea after she started playing. At one of the games she wouldn't play at all and told Scott she couldn't play because she didn't have any enegy (energy). She kicked one goal all season but did run a lot. I was pretty impressed with how much she would run. I asked her if she wanted to play again and she shrugged off her answer haha.

Field Trip to Petsmart

Scottee you have the funnest and cutest preschool teacher, Miss Nancy. She does such an excellent job teaching, you already know how to read. But your favorite part of preschool is all of the many field trips Miss Nancy plans. The first one we had was Petsmart. Hadlee too loves field trip days because she gets to go to Scottee's preschool!!!!

Happy 2nd Birthday My Angel!!

Scott and I had to be out of town on Hadlee's birthday this year to go and help Alison and her family move back to St. George. I am hoping Hadlee will understand that we missed her birthday. The girls stayed with my wonderful parents and so of course because they are amazing they invited all the family on the night of her birthday to Chuck-E-Cheese. Hadlee got so many presents and had so much fun. I have the most supportive and loving family. Thank you for taking my girls and making me not feel as bad for missing Haddies special day!!
I love you Hadlee and you make my life complete. You are smart, you were potty trained at 20 months. You are beautiful, you have the most beautiful tan skin color with gorgeous golden curly hair. You are so protective of your best friend, Scottee. You two are the best of friends. You have made our family feel whole. I have loved being your mother.

Rain, Rain please don't go away!!

It rained so hard one day and Scottee and Hadlee decided to run and get their swim suits on. They ran around and laid in the gutters for a couple of hours. I loved watching them enjoy the rain. Kids have so much fun. This day made me want to be a kid again!! Love these girls more than anything.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

24th of July

Since we weren't in Utah this year for the 24th and Vegas doesn't do anything for Pioneer Day my mom decided we should all go camping up to Lee Canyon over night. We got there around noon on Saturday and just hung out, set up the tents, and the kids explored a lot. At night we made dutch oven chicken, potatoes, and peach cobbler. It was all so delicious. It was such a relaxing day. I was a little nervous about the girls sleeping arrangements because I do not do well on lack of sleep and I am NOT nice at night, but they did amazing they both slept 12 hours straight. When we woke up the next morning we made pancakes and then my mom told a few pioneer stories of our ancestors. It was great family time and great to get into a little cooler weather.

I love my dad in this picture. Not a lot of people see my dad really laugh and have a good time, but he really can. I love him and am A LOT like him. I see him in me more and more as I get older. He is a wonderful Dad and such a hard worker. Thanks Mom and Dad for the overnighter!

Weekends with the Villamors

I love my girls!! They are sooo good!

Just another Saturday at the Villamor household. We headed down to the strip for a little sightseeing. The girls love when we surprise them with a fun excursion.

Bruce turns the BIG 5-0

So that means P-A-R-T-Y!!!

This is one of my favorite pictures!! These kids are obsessed with their GG, and so am I.

Joni put on a great party as always. There was great food, great company, great slideshow, and great games.
We love you Bruce! He is the best Uncle any little kids could ask for. Every time the girls go to the Cromptons, Bruce has either bought them some sort or toy and or always calls them into the kitchen for treat!! They adore you Bruce! Happy Birthday!!

Wheel of Fortune

I love game shows. I even DVR Wheel of Fortune, my sisters make fun of me. So when I heard WOF was coming to town to air their shows I wanted to get tickets. I love going to things that give your life a little change. The two shows we had tickets for wont air until 12/30 and 12/31. It was fun and I got to go with two of my very favorite people. We of course hit up In and Out prior to the show. It was a very fun night!

Bowling anyone?

I absolutely love when my mom just calls me randomly to go hang out. She is not really the hang out type person, she is ALWAYS busy! So when she does it makes my day. She called me out of nowhere and said lets take the girls to lunch and bowling with GG. It was so much fun! I love these ladies and the little ladies as well. We had such a ball.