Friday, December 18, 2009


I have decided to go private with my blog. If you like reading my blog please give me your email address. Thanks!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Tis' the season...

We have seen Santa now five different times. But this is the only time I brought my camera. And yes every time Hadlee has hated him. Scottee on the other hand can't get Santa off the brain. She ever noticed the differences in the length of the beards of the two different Sanatas and was very confused.

Thanksgiving...and soo much to be Thankful for.

Thanksgiving was so relaxing and enjoyable. We had dinner at my moms house; there was 22 people there. After the delicious dinner we had a always! Joni read a Thanksgiving book and Gavin and Scottee sand "There's a Big Fat Turkey." They were so cute! The men then darted outside for a good game of basketball while the women and children relaxed and chit chatted on the couches. That night all the Grandmas babysat the kids while we all went to the movie Blindside. It was a wonderful end to an amazing day. Recommend that movie to anyone. Thanks Mom, Grandma, Patti, and Joni for a delicious dinner and all of you hard work.
It may look like we shoved the kids in the back behind us all and locked them in their high chairs...well then you are correct, we did! And it was bar none the best thing we could have ever done. They enjoyed themselves and we thoroughly enjoyed ours.


In November Brenty boy died so we attended his funeral. It was so wonderful and what a privilege and an honor to have known him. He was amazing and will be going straight up. His funeral was in Utah so we also kind of made a little trip out of it. My Aunt Patti took us all to the Hogle Zoo since an elephant was born a month earlier. It was so fun and the girls loved it. We also got to visit with Grandma MarVanne and Grandpa White. It was so nice but sad circumstances.
On our way up the drive we stayed with Scotts parents and got to visit with Nanny a little. She is 93 and an amazing woman.

Finally there getting to see Aunti Ash. Scottee was so excited about her Hello Kitty lotions that Aunt Stacy bought her for the drive!! She is great.

One of the many reason I LOVE Utah...the changing leaves and of course the people I am with!!

The Twins!

My goofy yet hilarious family!! Best people ever!!

Serious Besties...

Gav being Gav haha

The two cutest faces in the whole world!! Love these girls to pieces.

Scotts Uncle...yes, he is eating his own poop.