Sunday, March 29, 2009

Thank You Scott for the wonderful Birthday!

Every year something always comes up that for some reason Scott can't do anything "special" for my birthday. Well this year he took "baby steps" as he called it and threw me a huge surprise party! Babe if that was baby steps I cant wait for the next few years! It was fabulous!! He did it all by himself! There was a full blown dinner he made, he had decorated, and had invited about 40 people! It was everything I could have ever wanted! I got to spend my special day with the people I love! Thank you everyone for the comments, the calls, the presents, and for always supporting me and my family!! I have had the most wonderful 25 years of life and hope the next 25 years are as wonderful!
I love you Scott!!

Happy Belated Birthday My Baby!!

Well I started this and never finished it. Happy Happy Birthday Scottee. I cant belive she was three on March 2. She has been the most enjoyable, EASY, lovable, energetic, sweet, FUNNY, first child to raise. She helps me out so much. She is truly the first child in every sense of the way: bossy, little mother, helpful, and super responsible. She can clean and take care of Hadlee as good as I can. Like my friends all say she can hold a full on conversation with an adult and as she walks into her preschool class she is always the leader. She is adorable and fun!! I tell her on a daily basis to stop growing and I truly mean it. These past three years have been the best three years of my life and have gone by the fastest!!!! Here are a few things I asked her:
Favorite nickname: Boo Boo and Scottee Girl
Favorite color: pink
Favorite place to go: pink house (who knows?)
Favorite place to eat: Mcdonalds Playland
Favorite song: I am a Child of God
Favorite animal: tiger
Favorite movie: Dora
Favorite toy: baby dolls
Favorite food: chicken
Favorite book: Dora books
Favorite thing to do with Dad: work
Favorite thing to do with Mom: play
Favorite thing about having a baby sister: have a good day ????
Least favorite food: salsa
Least favorite thing to do: read books (not true)
What makes me happy: boys (OH NO!!!)
What makes me sad: when I fell down
What makes me laugh: when we play funny faces
Here are a few things about her:
3 things I LOVE about Scottee

1. I love that she has no fear and will sing in front of hundreds of people.
2. I love that she absolutely loves her sister and is like a second mom to her.
3. I love that she is my best friend and I can have full on conversations with her.

3 things I want Scottee to learn this year

1. I want her to learn her phone number.
2. I want her to learn to make her own bed.
3. I want her to learn to swim and ride her bike.

3 things Scottee has taught me

1. She taught me that I need to watch everything I say and do because she truly is my little mocking bird.
2. She taught me that miracles can happen and to always have faith in the Lord.
3. She taught me that little kids truly are closer to the Lord.
I love her and she is my little woman. Scottee you are my angel baby!!!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

First Time Ever

With all this blogging going on around here...I couldn't resist but to post a blog. Yes....this is Scott. I looked at the history today on our web browser and there are 50 million different blogs that Shea has read and looked at so I wanted to get on here and see what all the fun is. After about 15 minutes, I still do not see the point. Can some of you blog stockers (I guess that is actual 'blog lingo') out there please explain this horrible waste of time to me??? :) Shea I love you and Happy Early Birthday. Happy Blog Stocking tonight!