Monday, June 28, 2010

Father's Day Weekend!

Father's Day weekend was filled with tons of family activities and parties! We had a blast! Saturday night was Dylin's 6th birthday party. It was swimming, bbq, and games. There was lots of food and family. Scott, Scottee, and Hadlee did not get out of the pool all night. Scottee can swim completely on her own and it is so nice not haviung to hold two children in the water. One of Hadlee's favorite people is Scott Blackham, he throws her around non-stop and she his complete attention when he is around! She adores him...I wonder why?

As soon as she would come back up from the water after he would throw her she would say "Do again!! Do again!!" And of course he never says no to her!!

On Sunday morning we woke up and had Father's Day breakfast. Scott had chosen Cinnabon cinnamon rolls the night before. Stacy and Tim slept at our house and we love when they do! The girls always get the best little presents from them every time they come!! Then we all got ready for 9:00 church for Baby Macy's blessing. She is the sweetest little thing. Mike blessed her and did a beautiful job.

During Sacrament Scottee went up and sang "Daddy's Homecoming" in Robin's ward. She was so stinkin cute. Her and Dylin were fighting for the front, it was hilarious!
After church we all hung out at Kristins for the rest of the day and ate and ate. It was so fun to be with the Villamors all day.
Scott- you are the best Father in all the world. You adore your girls and they adore you! I love how helpful you are as a Father and contribute as much or more than I do in the home! You are amazing and am so grateful you are the Father of my children!!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

This INNOCENT, SWEET face...

is OBSESSED with her new addition to our family...

SNAKEY!! About six months ago Scott took Scottee to a pet store and let her hold the snakes and lizards. Ever since she has loved reptiles. She has begged ever since. I never thought we would really get one. Not that I am scared; I always wanted reptiles growing up. The week before Memorial weekend Scottee was talking even more about the lizards and snakes and said to me one day...Mom, every kid needs a pet (she is highly allergic to anything with hair, so a dog or cat or even hamster are out of the picture) choose, a lizard or a snake? I said I don't think either but you can choose. She said nope you are picking...a lizard or snake? So I picked a snake! and that is exactly what we got that weekend!

I think her Dad was so insistent on buying that day so he could have a project to do. He went to Lowe's and was so stoked to buy all the material and get creative and make his own cage for Snakey. Yes very original name Scottee named him!

Hadlee is AMAZING!

Hadlee will be 2 on August 5 and about three weeks ago she started potty training and was done in less than a week. She did an awesome job. One day I just decided she could do and stopped putting diapers on her....and she did it! She loves it and so do I. I'm so proud of her. She is such a smart little girl that wants to be just like her big sister.

She is seriously adorable! And this face makes me smile!!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Take Me Out to the Ball Game....

We will and have been doing lots of baseball this summer. Scott played in a softball tournament all day one Saturday. Six straight games in a row; he played from 8 AM to 3 PM non-stop. Lets just say he is slightly out of shape he was dead the next day. The girls and I had so much fun watching Daddy and hanging out at the fields all day. It was such a beautiful day out.

Also Scott has a friend from high school who plays for the Kansas City Royales AAA team and they were playing against the 51's. Scott and I went to one game on a date night and then took the family the another night for family night. My Mom and Dad joined us as well. It was lots of fun to watch Jordan, eat hot dogs and cracker jacks. The girls loved Cosmo, they would continually point him out where ever he was.

Scottee's First Dance Recital

Scottee had her first dance recital on June 2. She did amazing! I knew I would have no problem with her and stage fright...the girl has no fear and especially in front of people. She is a HAM! She looked gorgeous that night! Scottee has the most unbelievable hair for a 4 year old. Scottee you had so many people who came to support you. Grandma and Grandpa, Zane, Sloan, Gav, & Reese, Whit, Robin & Scott, and Joni & JayCee. You have the best family in the world. Always remember how much they love and cherish you. They will always support you and you can turn to them for anything. She knew the second dance much better than the first, I think because for the first she was looking for her teacher Miss Lori for the moves but Miss Lori was not able to make it to the recital due to an aneurysm she had. I loved watching her dance and shine on stage! She is so confident, happy, and kindest little girl ever. I hope and pray she remains those qualities as she continues to get older through her teenage years. Scottee I LOVE watching you SHINE!!

This is her cute friend Annie who she took dance with. They had such a fun time dancing and performing together! We LOVE her!

Daddy surprised Scottee with a bouquet of Sunflowers. She was soo excited, Scottee loves flowers and begs me to buy them for her all the time. Also her wonderful Grandma and Grandpa gave her a "dollar" aka a $10 bill and her Aunt Joni & JayCee gave her a bouquet of flowers. She felt so special and in Heaven.

6 years of PURE BLISS!

On June 4 was Scott and my six year anniversary! I cant believe it has been that long; time flies when you are havin' fun! Scott and I have had the best 6 years. Most couples have at least one year that was rocky or so...Scott and I have not yet. We are truly best of friends. We love being together and never need breaks from each other. Scott you are HOT, kind, generous, sincere, genuine, spiritual, honest, loving, wonderful Father, thoughtful, and I could name so many more qualities you possess. You are my everything! You are my better half! Thank you for the BEST 6 years of my life.

For our anniversary we were supposed to go to LA and spend 4 days ALONE, but Scott got sick and so we stayed in town. On Thursday night we decided at 7:00 at night to just get a hotel room and send the girls over to my moms house. We stayed at the Golden Nugget and had such a nice relaxing time. We had room service, went to Fremont Street, and watched some TV. It was so nice to sleep in till 10 AM. I cant say I have done that in the past 4 years. On Friday we went to The Bodies Exhibit, that was extremely interesting and leaner a lot. After we just hung out together until we went to dinner that night. We went to Pamas a Brazilian Steakhouse at Planet Hollywood. I thought I would love those but did not care too much for it. After we went and bought some treats and rented Dear John and went home to watch it. It was so nice to spend two nights all alone especially since he was so sick. I love him so much and he is so sweet he tried faking not sick both days so I could have a good time. That is the type of person he is, so unselfish!!

Thank you Babe for a wonderful weekend and six years of PURE BLISS!!